by Reese Morss

The Christmas season is fast approaching and just like every year, the most popular gifts for girls and boys are starting to disappear online and even from the actual store shelves. Don't wait until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping because Santa's little elves can do nothing once the toys start disappearing.

Of the hundreds of different toys available worldwide, there are still some that have made it to the top ten lists of Christmas gift must-haves, which assures you that they will be selling like hotcakes, probably out of stock, and yet production will still be limited to a few hundred pieces.

Here are just some of the "must-have" toys this Christmas season:

ZhuZhu Pet Hamsters -- have you ever been asked by your son or daughter if they can have a hamster for a pet? Well your worries are over. You can let your kids have their hearts' desire. These are so life like and smart that they can even talk. The plus factor here is that they don't make a mess. Currently out of stock in most places.

Rubiks 360 Puzzle -- move over Rubiks Cube. Don't let the shape fool you. It comes in a ball-shape but is way more fun and more enjoyable.

Mindflex Game -- revolutionary and highly innovative. You can actually move a foam ball through different obstacles.

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort -- for kids and adults. Everybody will surely have fun since it is action-packed with volleyball, golf, cycling, bowling, and basketball.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers New Vestroia Maxus Helios 7 in 1 -- a single toy that has seven separate figures that can be played individually or transformed into one super monster. Definitely a little boy's dream.

Crayola Beginnings Color Me A Song -- it allows the kids to play a song by scribbling. The faster they scribble, the faster the song.

One thing to keep in mind when you do choose to give a toy that has been identified as a "must-have" you better buy it as early as now before it is sold out (online and on the store shelves).

About the Author:

Reese Morss is a shopaholic with a fantastic free web site that grabs items from Amazon that are out of stock items, and you too can easily set up your own free sold out alarm to tell you the second your product is in stock. Beat the lineup and get to the front of the line.