by Danielle Hamilton

If you have ever wondered where the traditions and wonderful events surrounding Christmas came from then you need to look back in history. Many of the things that are associated with Christmas are behind the many Christmas fancy dress costumes. Today Christmas is traditional celebrated on the 25thof December although this has not always been the case.

If you look back before Jesus was born you will soon discover that although people celebrated the Winter solstice they did not celebrateChristmas. The Solstice celebrations were celebrated between the 21st and 23rd December. Many people all over Europe would celebrate the cattle being slaughtered at the end of December. This soon became the time of year when people would have fresh meat and be able to eat well. This would have also coincided with the time when the brewing of homemade beer and wine would finish. It was also the birth date of the god of agriculture so the period in December was a very joyous one. Although we dress up today in Santa costumes this came much later. Some people do believe that the date of the 25th December is exactly nine months after Jesus was conceived. Christmas is now central to many Christian celebrations and it marks the beginning of the season of the 12 days following it. Although you may not be religious there are many other reasons to celebrate this holiday.

In the 4th century it was decided to make the 25th December a celebrated holiday and the churches declared it the official date for Jesus birth. Over the coming centuries this celebration grew and grew and today there are many different traditions. Christmas fancy dress is very popular and dressing up in Santa costumes will be done.

A form of Christmas is celebrated worldwide and many people love this holiday more than any others and no matter how your country celebrate it is a fun time. There will be many different parties and events to attend. This will give you the perfect opportunity to get yourChristmas fancy dress out and enjoy the festivities. Even non Christians will find time to celebrate this great time of year and will enjoy the festive spirit.

The giving and receiving of gifts, Christmas trees and nativity scenes are just some of the traditions which are popular today. Dressing up in your Santa costume and giving out presents to children is another. This amazing figure of Father Christmas is an icon all over the world and all small children will know exactly who it is. Although in many countries the way he looks is different the symbol of what he represents is the same.

Christmas is a time for sharing and reflecting and remembering everyone who you love it is a fantastic time for families to come together and celebrate. It is a great time for parties and the perfect time to get your Christmas fancy dress out. Houses should be filled with happiness and laughter around Christmas time.

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