by Katie Clayton

The Royal family are a great revenue spinner for Britain. As well as drawing in tourists from across the world, royal memorabilia and gifts are sold in various places. If you're looking for a royal gift this Christmas, but want a change from the royal china or silver collections, then there are hundreds of unique royal gifts to be found online.

When we think of royal gifts we usually think of china tea sets or cutlery, but there are altogether more stylish alternatives like charm bracelets out there. Customise a charm bracelet with a crown or a palace charm for a royal look. It was actually Queen Victoria who made the charm bracelet a popular fashion more than 100 years ago.

A less expensive and altogether stranger gift is the Solar Queen. The perfect gift for fans of the royal family, the solar queen has a handbag which is actually a solar panel, and when enough energy is obtained she will do the royal wave. At just 4 inches high the Queen can be taken anywhere you like to greet audiences with her infamous wave.

Tickets to various royal palaces are also on offer as gift packs. Most are open over the Christmas period so you could have a great day out exploring the house, grounds and any exhibitions at the venue. Many of the most famous palaces are in London but you could also visit Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh and Balmoral Castle at the royal estate in Aberdeenshire.

If you're looking for something less expensive, the kids will certainly enjoy dressing up in regal clothing. Most palace gift shops and online stores sell capes, crowns, helmets, wooden swords and shields so you can dress up as Kings, Princesses or Knights. If your loved one is a big fan of the Royal family they will be happy to receive any of these gifts. - 39969

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