by Patrik G. Moore

Scooby Doo cartoon series is perhaps the most popular case solution show since the late 1960s. It has developed to meet the diverse needs of its new viewers and enthusiastic fans for decades. With the show's popularity and warmly loved characters, it's no wonder why the great forerunners would be portrayed by many by following their costumes and what not. And a great example would be the Scooby Doo Daphne Halloween costume.

Daphne Blake is well known as the pretty girl and the fashionable among the four youths, who always accompany Scooby Doo to various crimes to solve mysteries in scary situations. Daphne is adored by many girls by the way she carries herself and her in sense of style. In addition, she is also courageous who supports the rest of the gang to put an end to some ambiguous scenarios and cases. In addition, she is even the bait material of the group since majority of the male suspects are duly attracted to her.

If you happen to admire Daphne, being like her as your Halloween costume this November would be really perfect. But what are the necessary attire and materials to truly resemble the fashionable Daphne? What are the things every girl should never forget? Here are some insights:

Violet short skirt dress. Daphne is equated with the purple dress that she always wears in the series. This is even a good outfit to begin with. The purple dress can have long sleeves like the original Daphne cartoons or even short sleeves as long as the skirt would be above the knee. With the advent of the Scooby-Doo movie, the actress Sarah Michelle Geller reinvented Daphne through the introduction of blazer on some random occasions and a pencil cut short purple skirt. It's actually your choice if you wish to follow the cartoon based Daphne or the movie inspired fashion trend.

Purple shoes or boots. Since Daphne is so inclined to fashion, she always sees to it that her shoes would go along with her dress. With the purple dress go the purple shoes as well. Daphne in the series has close purple shoes with heels. In some rare cases, she would be wearing purple boots. For this sequence the boots are really charming and has that deep sense appeal. It would be nice if the Scooby Doo Daphne Halloween costume would be paired with a glossy purple boots.

Accessories. Daphne's Purple trend does not look stagnant and boring, because of the accessories she would wear. For example, the apple green scarf that stands the most. This would be a wonderful accessory that can give a different light and shade to the totality of the costume. As to the other accessories that you might want to add, is her pink tights. This ensemble is optional if you want to show your legs though.

Orange Hair. Scooby Doo Daphne Halloween costume wouldn't be complete without the orange hair of which Daphne is so popular with. You can opt to have an orange wig, if you do not want to have your hair dyed. Daphne's hair is leveling her shoulders with big waves at the end pointing outwards. Moreover, it has a purple headband to complement with the clothes. With the new Daphne, the lower ends are rolled up with side swept bangs without the headband.

These are the essential ones to achieve the right Scooby Doo Daphne Halloween costume this November. These are indeed crucial in the completion of the entire ensemble, therefore always ensure that these exist and must be available. So what are you waiting for, start solving puzzles and be Daphne this Halloween. - 39969

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