by Brian Harry

There are several possible ideas out there when it comes to Halloween craft projects. All the materials you need are simple, mostly paper, egg cartons and some paper plates. Kids really enjoy working on these projects. The best thing of all is that these crafts can be used as decoration at home or in the classroom. These are some ideas for Halloween crafts that shouldn't cost you very much.

spider webs. You can hang these spider webs on your window. These things will look nice as they catch the sunlight or indoor lights. To start off doing these, you need to take a wax paper or white paper and trace out a spider web. Curve out the lines to make the design very pretty. Line it out with some white glue and sprinkle some glitter on it. As the glue dries up, it becomes practically invisible to the eye. What would be left would be the glitter. You can then use stick this onto a window or corner. You can even stick them up on your doorway.

Egg Carton Bats. Some really gerat craft ideas emerge during Halloween and all you need are some egg cartons. Bats made out of these are very easy to make and they are very nice to look at when you put several of them together. To do this, you should use three cups together in a row. Cut out the ends to make some wings. Color it black and then draw in some eyes. Hang these on the ceiling or on your doorway. If you put some of them together, you can have a very good decoration.

Halloween Masks. making use of some paper plates, you can create some great craft projects for Halloween. You can't have Halloween without pumpkins. And with some paper plates, you can create some paper masks. sketch out the shape of this pumpkin on the plate and use a pair of scissors to cut it out. Color it a bright orange to produce a Jack o Lantern effect and then cut out the nose eyes and mouth. Stick on some string so that you can use it as a mask.

You can even make several types of animal masks out of paper plates. You can add ears and paint black and orange stripes on it so that you can make a tiger. Long ears with grey and white paint gives you a rabbit. You can be very creative with this and you can get many animals out of just a couple of paper plates.

Keep your projects for Halloween simple. Kids really enjoy doing these and they are very easy to make. You can create almost anything with some imagination and creativity. There is no need to splurge on these projects. And they make a great decorations for the season. - 39969

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