by Emily Vanzant

When it comes to kids and Disney, Toy Story always seems to come up as a favorite. Flying toys and cowboys are the perfect combination for the young adventurous type.

The Green Army Man Deluxe Costume is great for families and parents who want a simple costume for themselves or their kids. It comes in sizes for toddlers through plus-sized adults and includes a green jumpsuit, helmet, boot covers, and hood. The costume is completely green, so you'll look exactly like the army men from the movie-as long as you add some green face paint. If you plan on trick-or-treating or going to a party in a group, why not create a whole troop of army men? You'll look great and be envied by the less well-matched families. And, of course, girls can wear this costume too!

Rather be a cowboy? No problem. There are several Woody and Jesse costumes for children and adults. The Woody Infant Costume is absolutely adorable and is available for children from 0-18 months. It even includes a hat and booties! Older kids can try the Woody Classic Costume or the Jesse Costume. Both include a hat, but if you really want to complete the look, you should try adding the Rodeo Child Boots. The Woody Accessory Kit is also fun if you'd like to put together your own costume. It is made for small children, ages 2-4, and includes a hat, vest, sheriff's star and red bandana. Throw on jeans and a yellow t-shirt and your little one is good to go. Older kids will love the Oversize Cowboy Gun. Don't worry-it's made out of rubber and doesn't actually shoot anything!

Of course, Toy Story isn't Toy Story without Buzz Lightyear. Children and adults can be this awesome space ranger with costumes that include a bodysuit, chest piece, and boot chaps. The Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack and white gloves are a great addition to the costume. White loafers complete the look from head to toe. If you want something a little different, there's a reversible hat that can be switched between Buzz and Zurg. This hat is great for playtime all year long!

Now, back to our Alien friend: kids and infants can both enjoy this fun costume. It includes a blue jumpsuit and alien headpiece. There is also an alien fabric headpiece for adults. Now all you need is a green face; the Thin Makeup Crayons are far less messy than traditional face paint. Now, have an awesome night-whether you choose to go to the Wild West, Outer Space, or somewhere in-between! - 39969

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