by Susan West

Vampire Halloween costumes are popular every year for trick or treat. Whether sleek and stylish as Count Dracula or tarnished and worn from a long night of neck biting, vampires abound at Halloween. Films, novels and legends provide all the information you need to create your own unique vampire costume.

A little extra effort and you can have the best looking costume, complete with fang teeth fit for the Count himself. Many costume retailers supply vampire-specific merchandise, in a wide range of prices. Certain pieces may be more difficult to make, such as the fangs, however other parts are quite easy and can be created for little or no money.

Dark cloaks were a stable of ole time vampires from past centuries and versions available at retail stores may be simple cheap cotton fabrics or luxurious silk-line velvet versions with bone fasteners. The one common trait of the cloaks is the long length and the fullness required. How often in films do you see Dracula raise the corner of his black cape to cover his face?

A dark cloak is a vampire's signature clothing. Easy to make versions may require only a piece of dark cloth cut in a large circle and fastened around the neck. For those skilled in sewing a realistic cloak for your blood sucker is an easy and fast project. Fabric purchased from the sales table at a local shop can be lined with a light weight cloth in dark red or midnight blue. Use a simple pattern to transform your purchase into a full and swirling lined cloak to provide drama as well as warmth in colder climates.

Your home can be a source of accessories and props for vampire Halloween costumes. Is there an old sheet or bedspread that can be cut into a cloak? If the color isn't dark enough a pack of fabric dye will be far less expensive than purchasing fabric.

Sorting through old clothing is another creative way to make a vampire Halloween costume in an inexpensive way. You might need to dye the fabrics or put them together in a unique way or even cut some pieces into shreds that dangle from a less elegant version of a vampire costume.

A white, red or black button down men's dress shirt can be used for more traditional vampire Halloween costumes. A creative woman may choose to alter the fit a bit, taking the sides in for a more feminine cut to the top. Remove the collar and hem the edges, add a few holes and lace up the front . Just about any long dark skirt will work as well, unless you are going for the sexy vampires look.

Don't' forget the fake blood - vampires need a lot of blood. Magazines and websites might have recipes for fake blood you can make at home but the store variety is inexpensive, too. Shopping for next years vampire blood the day after this Halloween will save quite a bit as seasonal items are often sold off for 50% or less of original price. It's a great deal as long as next year you can remember where you stored the bargains.

Add your own twist to vampire Halloween costumes and improve on the old favorite. It's useful to have a plastic storage box you use only for Halloween costumes and accessories. After a few years finding a costume to wear will be a cinch and your children will have a great time digging in the costume box for "the vampire Halloween costume Dad wore a couple years ago". Edited by Hetsil Protage - 39969

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