by Cindy Surette

Imagine being immortal, preying on handsome men and with hypnotic powers controlling them. Making them do your bidding, whatever you desire. Live in the erotic fantasy of vampire dresses.

There are many options when it comes to these costumes. They can be found in an assortment of styles and materials. Dark colors, usually black are traditionally associated with the vampire costume. The other most common color is a deep crimson red or dark maroon. Most have some type of bodice and some have lacing in that bodice. The skirts can vary they can be long and flowing or short. They can also be form fitting to show off a lady's curves. Over all the dresses are very seductive.

Vinyl is a great, however velvet makes you feel like royalty. After all when you're immortal with magical powers you would obviously be noble and rich. Can't you see yourself being the life of the party as you seduce every man in the room?

Thigh high boots, long silk gloves or possibly fishnet stockings. If you really want to look undead, use white makeup, black eyeliner, and fangs with fake blood on the corners of your mouth. Do not forget the bat jewelry, like a bat necklace, a bracelet and maybe even a ring.

For Halloween this is the perfect costume, it is sensual and scary all at the same time. But Halloween isn't the only time you would wear this alluring costume. Maybe you are a Gothic person at heart. You may just get rid of the white face and bat accessories and you could look Goth at anytime you choose.

There are Gothic venues such as clubs, Celtic and medieval festivals. You could wear this costume at many events. Maybe you perform as a musician. It would make an excellent outfit for on stage performances. You could make a video and post it online. The video could be sensual or just a fun thing. How about sexual fantasies, I'll bet there are a lot of guys that would get into it. Vampire dresses are not just for Halloween, you can wear them anytime you please. - 39969

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