by Adam Washington

Any ideas what you're going to get your mom this year? You can approach this in two ways. Traditional Christmas gifts people always get their moms include perfume and kitchen gadgets can be your first choice. Second, you can take the surprise route and give her something she wouldn't expect from you, but would love to receive!

Let's talk about traditional gifts for mom during the holidays. Because these things are easy for their loved ones to figure out for them, mom love these presents.

Although perfume is a great gift, it's even better if you include bath and body items. Some perfume gift sets for mom even include luxury items like jewelry.

After working hard at home or at home, bathrooms that are luxurious can help pamper mom. You can find plush microfiber bathrobes that feel amazing, or stick to a terrycloth robe if that's what she prefers - just make sure you get the length right.

For the kitchen, some of the perfect gifts for mom this year will be programmable slow cookers where they can start dinner early and have it ready by the time their work is all done. A standing mixer is also a welcomed kitchen gadget for mom.

Now if you want to shock her by giving her a gift she wouldn't have even thought to ask for, but will really appreciate, why not go with a technical gadget that she'd normally be buying for someone else?

For example, a portable vehicle GPS system wouldn't break the bank for you, but it would ensure mom never gets lost on the road. Or maybe she's a fitness buff. If yes, then a watch-based fitness GPS fitness monitor by Garmin would be a great gift for her. When she's biking somewhere, she'll have maps to help get her home safely and it will also track her workout and stats.

Blue Ray and HDTV technology are what people are switching to. Does mom have this yet? If not, why not upgrade her set so that she can watch all of her favorite shows in high definition. You can also give her a gift certificate if you want her to have her favorite Blue Ray discs.

When it comes to gifts for mom, they don't have to be boring. But since she expects them, maybe she relies on traditional gifts. It's up to you to make the tough decision although at least now you have some ideas to help you.

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