by Zoe Woodward

If you are looking for somewhere different to buy your Christmas presents then one of the fantastic Christmas markets around the world might offer exactly what you are looking for. There are many different Christmas market breaks that you can go on, including many with an experienced tour operator.

You can stroll through the streets enjoying the atmosphere and Christmas feeling whilst exploring all of the different stalls and goods on offer. German Christmas markets in particular date back many years and you will be amazed at the range of things which are on offer. The record for the largest ever Christmas cake was once on display in the Market in Dresden.

Another great German Christmas market to enjoy is in Munich, located in the older part of the city. The old market square is lined with stalls and people travel from all over the world to experience the authentic Christmas feeling. There are free concerts and musical festivities all over the Christmas period for the visitors to enjoy. 

Although German Christmas markets are traditionally found in their country of origin, they are now becoming popular in England as well. You can find all of the traditional German stalls set up in London, Manchester, Yorkshire and many other towns and cities during the run in to Christmas. Visiting one of these means you can look at the gift stalls and eat some authentic German food without travelling too far. 

The Nuremburg Christmas market is one of the prettiest you will find anywhere in the world. The people ensure that visitors have an amazing time for the duration of their stay and can experience the famous atmosphere that a German Christmas market creates. 

The Brussels market is another popular tourist attraction and people find this is the easiest to travel to. There are of course the fantastic Belgium truffles to enjoy and you are guaranteed to be able to find Christmas gifts at this market.

The Chicago market is America's largest Christmas market and is enjoyed by millions of visitors every year. This is the biggest and best market that America will offer over the Christmas period and there are different stalls and gifts to be found here. You can travel to all of these market destinations easily and at a great price.

Whatever Christmas market breaks you decide on you will love the atmosphere and variety that they offer. You will be able to enjoy the feeling of Christmas in a fantastic location and find some great gifts whilst there. You can find transport easily and whatever method you decide on it is affordable and easy to book. - 39969

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