by Leo Demasi

Just because putting up a real Christmas tree is more environmentally friendly, it does not mean that artificial Xmas trees are no longer welcome. In fact, using an artificial Christmas tree for the holidays is a more convenient and a more practical solution. So if you already have an old artificial tree down your basement, you should still put it up even when you have decided to go for the real ones this coming holidays. By doing so, you are actually helping to reduce the pile of artificial trees in your local landfill.

For centuries, Christmas trees have been considered as a major icon for the holidays. In fact, some families have made a tradition of decorating their trees at home every year, and some trees embody the creativity and flair in the family. In order for one family to get a realChristmas tree, a fir or spruce tree needs to be cut down. Because of this, some families find it too much of a hassle to go to tree yards and find the perfect tree or even cut one themselves. An alternative to this is to use artificial trees, many of which look exactly the same as the real ones.

Artificial xmas trees come in different colors and sizes. There are some trees that are smaller than the real ones, which make them ideal for families with limited space at home. There are also artificial trees that are already pre-lit, so you are saved from the hassle of solving the tangles in the Christmas lights wrapped around your tree. There are several benefits in using artificial Christmas trees instead of the real ones.

First, fake Christmas trees need no watering. Unlike the real Christmas trees that need to be watered regularly, the artificial ones can be left alone on its own and still remain beautiful. On top of that, the real trees tend to drop needles when they begin to dry out. Artificial xmas trees on the other hand take away the hassle of worrying about such mess or about watering.

Although it depends to the kind of tree that you have- like firs are less likely to drop needles than the pine or spruce trees, but in most cases, real trees -just the same- become messy in the long run. On top of that, getting the tree out of the house after the holidays usually results in a trail of needles scattered in almost every corner of your house. It can be such a drag to clean up all the mess when you are all exhausted from the holidays.

But the greatest benefit that anyone can get from artificial xmas trees is its being cost effective. When you look at it from a general perspective, buying an artificial tree is a real investment compared to buying real trees from farms. Even when you got your real Christmastree from a sale promo, after a few weeks, the tree will eventually wither, and what you have spent on will just disappear in a snap. Artificial trees on the other hand are made of long lasting, hard wearing materials so you can still enjoy your tree for more years- in the same shape and beauty as it was when you first got it from its box.

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