by Patrick G. Moore

Wonder Woman Halloween costume is probably the most preferred clothing for women, youth and adults alike. It is immortalized by many comics, and with the visual representation ultimately done by Lynda Carter.

Wonder Woman costume is a bit more complicated than her male counterparts, such as Batman and Superman. Wonder Woman has knee-high boots with red heels. These boots have white line up in the middle. Sometimes, Wonder Woman boots are quite vague in representation. In the old comics, Wonder Woman wore sandals or mules, which were laced with red in the knee.

Wonder Woman Shorts are small and tight, with designs depicting American patriotism. The shorts are of blue with white stars. Wonder Woman was wearing a short skirt in the original comic. The skirt was also blue with white stars. The films are mostly depicting dark blue bathing suit, which are sometimes a little loose with white stars.

On top of her shorts, she wears a gold belt. Her belt is one of her signature pieces: it is not just a circle of gold which are large in the front area it also has the expansion of diamond-shaped gold. Sometimes it connects to the ornamentation on the top, and sometimes not.

Wonder Woman costume, her top clothing are sometimes difficult to reproduce. It was essentially a bodice strapless red. The bust is involved in the gold belt. At the top of the strapless blouse, Wonder Woman wears a gold badge. It focuses on the chest with the arms of the initiative with the letter W over the neckline. In general you can see the red blouse on top of gold ornaments.

In the most commonly known Wonder Woman costume as seen with Lynda Carter it already has some variations. Sometimes you can see clearly the shape of a bird of which the wings were raised during the segmentation. Other times, which is slimmer and has more than one line in the top of his suit equipped with some other lines that follow.

The nice thing about the change in the character of Wonder Woman costumes are the many different versions. You can choose the items you prefer to use at your own pace and comfort. Key elements that must not be neglected are the blue background with white stars, red boots, gold belts, bracelets and tiara. - 39969

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