Great Christmas Gift for your loved ones

by Trevor Ranger

It's that Season Again!

Unique, usable gifts are getting harder and harder to find. Most of us are still looking for the "perfect" gift for those hard to buy for friends and family. Most of the time, the gifts that sound so good when you buy them just aren't what they're cracked up to be. There's all types of gizmos and gadgets advertised on the As Seen On TV Commercials...some of them are very useful and others...well, not so much!

Zip Notes: The New and Improved Sticky Notes 

I saw Zip Notes advertised on on of those TV infomercials, and I thought of several people on my list that it would be perfect for. This is really a cool gift item for just about everyone on your Christmas list. We all are always writing notes; from the kitchen to the shop to the office to the dorm room...everyone writes notes! The only problem with note writing is that sometimes you run out of paper for your note or list. If you have the Zip Note, this will never happen again.

Everyone is familiar with the Sticky Note Pads that came out about thirty years ago. Do you ever wonder why they couldn't improve on it? I think the Zip Notes will be the only improvement that comes along for the next thirty years. The Zip Notes gives you 150 feet of adhesive note paper in an automatic dispenser. If you wondered, each 150 foot Zip Note roll is equal to six hundred 3x3 inch sticky notes. You just push the button to begin dispensing, and stop when you have the amount of note paper you want. The Zip Notes have improved on the adhesive too. Instead of having just one edge with adhesive, there's an adhesive strip that runs down the middle to keep the note from curling up. Super idea, huh!

Great Bonus Too!

The Royal Sheffield Deluxe Pen Set comes with the TV offer. It's a $40 value and includes:

* Bankers Roller Ball
* Mount Helen Fountain Pen
* 3-in-1 Tri-Color Pen
* Mini Checkbook Pen
* Mechanical Drawing Pencil
* Ladies Designer Ball Point Pen

I don't know of another gift for this price(about $32) that will be used as much as this one. Zip Notes is a gift that will be used by everyone on your shopping list, from the student to the executive's desk! So, instead of buying a gift just to have something to give, may I suggest the Zip Notes. I know I'm buying five of them to gift, and I'm sure that they, along with the pen set that comes with it will be most appreciated.

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